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Friday, January 18, 2019

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Get the Highest Return from Your R&D Investment

MPP&W’s R&E Tax Credit Group specializes in IRC § 41 exclusively and relies on these regulations as the basis for your tax credit results. We use a formalized methodology to identify and substantiate your organization’s qualified R&D expenses. Our process is designed to minimize interruption to your business and plan for documenting your research expenses in the future. Prior to meeting with your team, we make it our priority to thoroughly research your industry, company, and operations.

Our Personalized Approach to Your R&E Tax Credit Opportunity

We are proud that our professionals go the extra mile when it comes to your R&D investment. By meeting with your management team one-on-one and interviewing key employees involved in the research activities, we are able to uncover many hidden expenses that can easily be overlooked. This is how we maximize your credit amount and the reason why our clients keep coming back.

Our Five-Phase Engagement Process

Phase 1: Initial Meeting with R&E Tax Credit Group – No Charge
We calculate the credit and gather supporting documentation for this credit to be claimed on Federal and State Income and Franchise tax returns.

Phase 2: Preliminary Assessment – No Charge
After the initial meeting, we can determine the potentially qualifying research expenses for each period that credits may be available. This will identify potential tax savings and future benefits regarding the Research and Experimentation Tax Credit.

Phase 3: Gathering Documentation and Supplemental Interviews
After identifying eligible research activities, we review your research documentation and conduct interviews with any employees who have a role in these processes to corroborate your documentation. Our data collection approach is designed to reduce interruption to your employees and use their involvement to identify the uncertainties, challenges, improvements, and developments of the eligible products and processes.

Phase 4: Compilation of Supporting Documentation and Calculation of the Credit
After collecting the necessary information and conducting interviews, our professionals help your company create and maintain the valuable documentation that will be the basis of your company’s Research and Experimentation Tax Credit claim. At this point, we also provide a detailed credit calculation for each period covered by the study.

Phase 5: Planning for the Future
Our unique approach is designed with future credit claims in mind. We involve key employees by defining how to best capture sensitive details and maintain proper record-keeping with respect to the Research and Experimentation Tax Credit. What separates us from other CPA firms is that we help your company develop a system that captures necessary information to support this credit in the future.

How Long Does This Process Take?

The time commitment of this process depends on the size of your organization, the available documentation, and the extent of your company’s R&E expenditures. Depending upon the size of your company and the number of locations, engagements may last anywhere from 6 to 12 weeks.

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