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Friday, January 18, 2019

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Research and Experimentation Tax Credit Results: Experience Our Clients’ Measurable Success

Your company should not miss out on this tax credit opportunity simply because your qualified research activities were never identified. Let our R&E Tax Credit professionals do the legwork and reveal the “who” and “what” is qualified in order to receive your refund for previously paid income taxes. Refer to our case studies and results to see how we have helped our clients by offering this valuable analysis which provided them with tax-saving opportunities.

According to recent statistics, seventy-one percent of companies claiming the research and experimentation tax credit were in the manufacturing industry. Other industries included information service, professional and technical services, and others like engineering and software development.

Hear from Our R&E Tax Credit Group Clients:

“We had three of the Big 4 CPA firms look at our tax returns for the past three years. These firms’ local representatives once told us we had taken all eligible R&E Credits. We then had MPP&W, P.C. review our returns and our complex business operations. They helped us identify previously overlooked qualifying expenditures and previously unclaimed credits. These credits were subsequently audited by the IRS without change. We are deeply indebted to MPP&W’s R&E expertise and understanding. They are truly experts in this area.”
$800 million Durable Goods Manufacturer

“Our local CPA firm and several large national and regional CPA firms advised us that we were entitled to $25,000 of annual R&E credits. MPP&W reviewed our prior returns and helped us identify significantly more qualifying R&E expenditures. These additional R&E credits resulted in more than $750,000 in refunds from prior years, previously overlooked and unclaimed. They also identified another $600,000 in tax savings overlooked by the other firms. This was a very beneficial study.”
$150 million Consumer Products Manufacturer

“A large regional CPA firm reviewed our operations and estimated a potential R&E tax credit benefit of $60,000 for a four year period. After talking with MPP&W and utilizing their specialized knowledge of our industry, operations and the tax credit, our savings were $382,000 over that same period.”
$50 million Metal Enclosure Manufacturer

R&E Tax Credit Client Case Studies

Company Type: Total Savings:
$11 million Software Developer  $1,085,000 
$150 million Consumer Goods Manufacturer  $1,000,000 
$46 million Durable Goods Manufacturer  $710,000 
$75 million Wood Cabinet Manufacturer  $685,000 
$110 million Boat Manufacturer  $650,000 
$18 million Dental Laboratory  $420,000 
$20 million Plastic Injection Molder  $382,000 
$40 million Scale Manufacturer  $360,000 
$20 million Custom Plastic Injection Molder  $350,000 
$10 million Dental Laboratory  $345,000 
$40 million Meat Processor  $335,000 
$40 million Durable Goods Manufacturer  $315,000 
$30 million Survey Instrument Manufacturer  $288,000 
$5 million Tool & Die Shop  $275,000 
$4 million Tool and Die Shop  $250,000 
$30 million Machined Parts Manufacturer  $255,000 
$25 million Machine Tool Shop  $230,000 
$10 million Gray and Ductile Iron Foundry  $162,000 
$8 million Custom Plastic Injection Molder  $145,000 
$5 million Glass Products Manufacturer  $145,000 
$2 million Medical Device Manufacturer  $130,000 
$22 million Aluminum Diecaster  $108,000 
$8 million Machine Tool Shop  $75,000 

“The R&D Credit is critical to U.S. manufacturers because it helps boost industry investment in research done in the United States and is essential for sparking innovation for new products and competitiveness in world markets. It is, without a doubt, the most effective federal policy our nation has had to promote private research, and the jobs created by such research. When the Credit expired on December 31, 2005, the cost of doing R&D in the U.S. increased for the plastics industry.”
William R. Carteaux
President and CEO of the Society of the Plastics Industry, Inc.
R&D Tax Coalition Press Conference - November 14, 2006

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