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Friday, January 18, 2019

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Does my Company Qualify for the R&D Credit?

To determine whether your company is eligible for a U.S. Federal R&D credit, MPP&W’s R&E Tax Credit Group will hold an initial meeting and preliminary assessment. Prior to that meeting, review the list below to see if your organization performs these qualified activities.

Does your company...

  • Design or improve products?
  • Improve specific processes through technology?
  • Develop new formulas and techniques?
  • Design specific tools, fixtures, parts or dies?
  • Develop prototypes or models?
  • Apply for patents, test new concepts, or test new technology?
  • Improve processes to achieve higher standards in quality and productivity?
  • Perform certification testing?
  • Expend resources on outside consultants or contractors to conduct any of the above?

If you answered “yes” to any of these activities, then you may qualify for the R&D credit!

What are R&D Expenses? Does My Research Qualify for the R&D Credit?

The Research Activities Must:

Develop or Improve a Specific Business Component

  • Your research must be directly related to improving a product, process, technique, formula, invention, or software.

Be Technological in Nature

  • Your process of experimentation must rely on the physical or biological sciences, engineering, or computer science and your research may use existing technologies and principles.

Eliminate Uncertainty as to the Development or Improvement of a Business Component

  • Uncertainty exists if the capability or method for developing the business component is uncertain or appropriate design of the business component is unknown.

Employ a Process of Experimentation

  • Elimination of the technical uncertainty must be accomplished through systematic trial and error, modeling, or simulation.

You May Be Eligible – Don’t Miss Out on the R&D Credit Opportunity

MPP&W’s R&E Tax Credit Group can determine whether this tax credit can help your organization with permanent tax savings and develop documentation systems to secure this credit in the future. Many businesses miss out on this opportunity because of various misconceptions that surround the R&D credit.

Common Myths:

Myth #1: “Our business is not ‘high-tech’ enough to qualify.”
Fact: If you are developing new processes or products, you may qualify!

Myth #2: “Our business is too small to qualify. This credit is only for big businesses.”< /br>
Fact: There is no size requirement for the R&E credit. Both large and small companies are candidates for this credit.

Myth #3: “We’ll just tell our CPA to file the right form at the end of the year to receive the credit.”
Fact: Successfully documenting the R&E tax credits is more complicated than simply filing a form. Our team has highly specialized knowledge of current and historical requirements and processes to compile the necessary documentation to defend your claim.

Myth #4: “Our CPA looked into this a few years ago. We didn’t qualify.”
Fact: Recent regulations have expanded and simplified the R&D tax credit eligibility which gives many new businesses valid candidacy. Plus, credits from prior years also can be recovered under the current regulations. Now is a great time to have your business research re-evaluated.

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