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Friday, January 18, 2019

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Enhance Your Bottom Line with the Research and Development Tax Credit

The Research and Development (R&D) tax credit, sometimes referred to as the Research and Experimentation (R&E) tax credit, is a wage-based tax credit available for the development or improvement of products, processes, techniques, formulas, inventions, or software. Many businesses miss out on this tax credit opportunity because of the challenges that are involved in documenting and reporting this information. Since many companies are unsure if the work they are performing actually qualifies, many viable candidates do not take advantage of this valuable credit.

Take Advantage of Your Research & Development Tax Credit Incentives

Your company can benefit by working with MPP&W’s R&E Tax Credit Group to identify and help substantiate your qualified research expenditures. Through our unique 5-phase engagement process, our tax and engineering professionals take part in assisting Taxpayers prepare the supporting documentation to provide the burden of proof necessary to receive your R&D tax credit: The credit equals 20 percent of your company’s qualified research expenditures in excess of a base amount.

MPP&W’s R&E Tax Credit Group: Commitment to Client Service

At MPP&W, we always keep your company’s best interests in mind. As one of the largest locally owned CPA firms in St. Louis, we will build a reliable strategic alliance with your small, mid-sized or enterprise-level business. MPP&W’s R&E Tax Credit Group specializes in assisting many industries claim this valuable credit and will work alongside your existing tax advisors. We can even coordinate the delivery of your credit with your CPA firm for inclusion on the originally filed return. We assist you in compiling the high-level contemporaneous documentation and defensible reporting so that you receive the tax credit you deserve.

Learn more about the Research and Development tax credit and whether or not your company is qualified. We urge you to explore our website to discover our unique process and the advantages to claiming your R&D tax credit. Please contact MPP&W’s R&E Tax Credit Group directly to discuss your opportunities.

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